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Let's introduce ourselves :

With 20 years experience, LED uses its expertise to offer training courses customized to meet your specific requirements:

F "operator" courses
F "installation operator" courses

Training is now part of LED's service offer, giving your technical teams the opportunity to acquire operational expertise which is immediately applicable in the polyurethane sector.

Our training department aims to help you get the best out of your investment in foaming machines.

The advantages of our formula :
4 modules can be taken at your own pace according to fixed objectives;
4 practical manipulation with permanent assistance from instructors
Our educational resource :
The team:
F Our courses are given by experienced instructors.

Our equipment:

F One foaming machine devoted exclusively to training courses;
F A room equipped with a video projector;
F A practical room.

Our quality commitment :

LED's procedure is based on the following logic with the commitments set out below :

4 Detailed evaluation of requirements;
4 Clear and complete offers;
4 A flexible, reactive team;
4 Courses in small groups;
4 Proven educational methods;
4 Efficacy and quality of our instruction evaluated as part of a continuous improvement policy;
4 The serious approach to our courses.

Polyurethanes chemistry :

è A clear and simple presentation of foaming, the consequences of foaming parameters and external agent interactions.

è Complete pratical sessions for rapid understanding of foaming problems.

Foaming installations :

è A dynamic presentation of the components of a polyurethane foam production installation, from unloading station to injection head.

è This detailed presentation is punctuated with pratical sessions such as dismantling and refitting high pressure pumps and injection heads of all kinds.

Injection units :

è Praticals works is perfomed directly on a foaming machine, with adjustment of mixing ratios, pressure, flowrates, …

Safety :

è Part of the training is dedicated to safety in the environment of foaming installations. How to protect yourself against risks ? What to do in the event of an accident ? What not to do ?…

Sharing experience :

During these three days, you will be able to share your different experiences with other people from other production sector.

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