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Since it first began, LED has developed a workshop which specialises in servicing and repairing pumps used for polyurethanes. Today, as the leader in this service, we have developed a system which allows us to be reactive and guarantee a high quality service.

F First of all, on receiving your pump, it is completely dismantled and an expert assessment is performed to provide the information we need to make an accurate cost estimate for the repair. Over the years, LED has improved its analysis and costing times and today these operations take less than 48 hours.


F On receiving your order, the repair is done in the shortest possible time (4 to 5 days) and using only original parts.
F The pump is then sent to a test bench where it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that we can approach our zero fault objective.

At the end of this final test, a bench-test graph is produced and enclosed with the pump.

The unit is then packed and shipped according to your recommendations or our standards.

Apart from repairing your pumps, LED helps you with maintenance monitoring :

F A runner sheet is created according to the pump reference with alert indicators (if the pump comes back too often or always with the same fault, we tell you and suggest solutions).
F Improvements may be suggested (magnetic couplings, external regulators, reduced play,...).
F Flat-rates for repairs.
F Standard exchange systems may be offered (an equivalent pump supplied in a standard exchange).
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