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The main function of our engineering department is to produce complete foaming installations and develop new injection machines or other internal projects.

Composed mainly of experienced engineers and technicians, it is often supported by research centres and specialist organisations.

Within the context of the LED principle, based on building a partnership with our customer, our engineering department is at your disposal to develop specific projects requiring particular expertise.

Our engineering department is set up to develop projects of all sizes, such as injectors made of specific carbides for charged products, special coatings for injection head pistons, particular injection heads, adaptation of magnetic couplings on existing tanks, and projects up to and including complete installations.

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Toujours dans le principe LED, d’un partenariat avec le client, notre bureau d’études est à votre disposition pour le développement de projets spécifiques nécessitant certaines compétences.

Le concept de notre bureau d’études permet de développer des projets de toutes tailles, tels des injecteurs en carbures spécifiques pour produits chargés, des revêtements spéciaux de pistons de têtes d’injection, des têtes d’injection particulières, des adaptations d’accouplements magnétiques sur des cuves existantes jusqu’aux installations complètes.

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