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The LED Corporation designs complete proportioning benches incorporating many products (polyol, isocyanate, activators, pentane…).

The conception flexibility of LED proportioning benches allows to implant them easily in existing continuous pouring production line (slabstock or sandwich panel forming line, panel saw, boiler production line,...).

LED multi-products proportioning installations offer some advantages:

-         The feasibility research is made with your operators and technicians, in order to follow the project stage by stage foreseeing at best problems which could appear.

-         LED know-how in the domain of polyurethane foams guarantees a system adapts to your requirements, for an excellent foam quality.

-         Proportioning benches are thought on the bases of trade products, on separated or cast in one piece frames, and automatism program is not locked for a quick and efficient maintenance.

-         Corrective and repair maintenances can be carry out by LED technicians in order to limit production halts in case of breakdown.

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