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LED is project manager of all electrical jobs, automation necessary for your installation..




Program Logic Controler (PLC)
-From the smallest to the biggest applications.
- Fiting in existing network, data exchange system, ...
- SIEMENS PLC with Step7 language.
- TELEMECANIQUE PLC with PL7 language.

Numerical control programmation / axis control
- Electrical or hydraulic axis control with rotating or linear encremental coding device.
- Speed and position follow-up control.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
- HMI engineering development with WinCC Flexible or GP PRO EX (PROFACE) in order to visualize and telecontrol the system.
- Process checking with WinCC (SIEMENS).


We can occur from study to cabinetrealization, with electrical drawing according to specific technical book requirements.

Fuel Injection