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Owing to production continuity, most present-day applications require a row-material perennial and regular supplying of the day-tank. Moreover, product to transfert homogeneity must be insured in order to preserve theirs physical chemistry properties and to guarantee foam of quality.

According to your technical specifications and process necessity, LED Company design homogenisation and decanting/filling up station whithin metering unit working break (outage).

So as to adapt at all types of installations, several configurations are proposed to accomodate and permit easy loading/unloading of yours containers (cubitainer, barrels...).

In option, you can adjust agitator speed thanks to gearbox motor, in order to avoid prodcuts warm-up, air inclusion, denaturing, and preserving a good homogenisation in the eyes of viscosity.


 - Large viscosity scale (up to 18.000 mPas).
 - Without care, for a lifetime greased ball bearing.
 - Quick disassembly of shaft or agitaion element.
 - Robust and reliable agitator.
 - Loading/Unloading of containers with lifting truck, tackle or manually.
 - Ergonomic for use.
 - Easy to implement into the process.
 - Velocity adjusting post decentralized (option).

The VISCO-JET(R) system :

A significant progress in agitation technology.

The VISCO-JET agitation system made by INOTEC Company, whose LED Company is the official french reseller, is known for a cone-shaped of its agitation elements who are patented, this one turning at slow-speed.

This principle allow to obtain, at low circumferential speed, an efficient mixing with low-viscosity (like water) as well as high-viscosity (> 40.000 mPa.s) products. The filling up of the tank is possible during the time that agitation is running.

Agitation, according to cone-shaped form of the agitator and slow-speed, generate no air-input, neither scum nor warm-up of agitated products.

Compact mobile unit introduced in ISO DN150 opening.


                   With classic agitator.                       With VISCOJET agitator.


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